Delivery, Refund and Returns Policy

Will the product arrive fresh or frozen?

Our products are butchered fresh and then flash frozen and shipped over dry ice to ensure it arrives solid to your doorstep. We find this way offers the best results for customers. If you would like your product delivered fresh – contact us directly prior to order and we can arrange this.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to Cork, Kerry & Dublin. Currently, we deliver all products directly to our customers – without the use of a courier. We view it as part and parcel of our farming life.

How soon will I receive my order after I have placed it?

You’ll receive your delivery between 3 & 30 days. We have a delivery interval of the 4th Thursday of every month – through to the following Sunday. As a small producer, we are not able to offer exact date delivery – although we are striving towards this. You will receive an email after your order is placed with an estimated delivery date. If you need a specific delivery date in the future then contact us directly prior to order and we might be able arrange this.

On my delivery day, how will I know what time my order will arrive?

We will contact you in advance of delivery to ensure that we arrange safe transfer of your order.

How big are the steaks?

Dexter is the smallest breed of cow in the world, joints & cuts are in smaller portions – the thickness will be the same but the diameter will be smaller. Don’t worry though – what they lack in size they more than make up for in taste.

What is your policy on refunds and returns?

As we rear these cattle ourselves & we see their grazing habits first hand and ensure the highest welfare from day 1 of their lives right through to the end, we have huge confidence in the quality of our product. However, if you are not happy we will investigate the matter and if it seems that the product was not as ordered – we will offer to collect the product & offer a refund.