Dexter Beef. Delivered.

Choose from BBQ, Heritage or Steak Boxes.

Native Irish Breeds.

Dexters are direct descendants of Native Irish Cattle.

Ethically Raised.

Free Range. Slow Maturing. Farming As It Should Be.

Discover Dexter Beef

Dexter Beef is attracting a growing following, becoming a speciality both at home and abroad. Dexter beef is naturally more tender than other beef and contains more Omega-3 fatty acids. Compact in stature, their beef is packed with taste. Ruby Red in colour with an unrivalled, natural taste, Dexter Burgers are a fantastic way to begin your Dexter Experience.

Spider Marbling
Uniquely marbled and has a delicious, succulent flavour.

The breed is pre-disposed to develop unique ‘spider’ marbling, a trait commonly seen in Wagyu beef.

Dexter Beef is slow maturing & naturally tender

Dexter beef is naturally more tender than other beef and is high in CLAs, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

Compact Joints & Cuts
Suitable for Flexitarians

It's the smallest breed of cow in the world, joints & cuts are in smaller portions. Roasts are also the perfect size for slow-cookers.

Visual Appeal
Ruby Red in Colour

Dexter beef has strong visual appeal, with a ruby red meat colour & deep yellow fat content, providing a more natural looking beef.